Our daily Schedule:

9-9:30The children arrive and are greeted by the teachers and get reacquainted with the play garden, friends and animals.
9:30All parents leave and the morning begins with outside activities. These include independent and group imaginary free play.
10:00An informal snack is provided and toilet use encouraged.
11:00We come indoors for 'circle.' This activity includes seasonal songs, rhythmical rhymes and movement. We then have our indoor play time, special activities are made part of the free play period.
11:50We all tidy up the play area and prepare for lunch.
12:00We sit down together for our lunch time meal. Provided is a grain dish, a protein dish (no meat), and a fruit and/or vegetable. Food allergies are taken into consideration.
12:45Parents start arriving to collect their children.
1:00Our day together comes to a close and all must leave the play garden... except our animal friends and the fairies!

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Established and in operation since 1997